What is ElasticSearch ?

Elasticsearch is basically a search engine like goggle based on Lucene. It is also an analytics engine.
It provides us a distributed environment.
It allows us to store, search, and analyze big amount of data very quickly and in real time.
It is a full-text search engine. In RDBMS and DBMS it is not possible to full-text search but it is possible in this.
It also provide strucute to the log file and message file by keeping it in the database.
The great difference between elasticsearch and RDBMS is that when we query in RDBMS and if it is taking 10sec than for the same output elasticsearch will take less than 10 miliseconds.
Elasticsearch is developed by the JAVA. It is an open source software which comes under the terms and condtion of Apache License.

What is the need of ElasticSearch ?

As we know that in RDBMS any query is taking 10sec for any specific output than for the same Elasticsearch will take less than 10 millisecond. So there is great need of elasticsearch.

For eg:- When we are searching anything in the E-Commerce website and it is taking long time to get the object than it will provide bad experience over user and the user will never want to come back for the searching.
But this issue can be overcome by using the elasticsearch.

It can easily be implement.
It is helpful in fuzzy search (comeback with web pages based on search).
It is helpful in autocomplete. When we type anything than it will autocomplete that word.
It is helpful in instant search. In this searching is very fast.


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