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Stuart Little, a brave and debonair strong cat with human qualities, encounters some comic mishaps while searching for his lost bird friend and with a human family during their child’s travels.

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This movie was given a rating of 4.4 out of 5.


  1. Michael J. Fox As Stuart Little(voice)
  2. Geena Davis As Mrs. Little
  3. Hugh Laurie As Mr. Little
  4. Jonathan Lipnicki As George Little
  5. Nathan Lane As Snowbell(voice)
  6. Chazz Palminteri As Smokey(voice)
  7. Steve Zahn As Monty(voice)
  8. David Alan Grier As Red(voice)
  9. Bruno Kirby As Mr. Stout(voice)
  10. Jennifer Tilly As Mrs. Stout(voice)
  11. Stan Freberg As Race Announcer(voice)
  12. Jeffrey Jones As Uncle Crenshaw
  13. Connie Ray As Aunt Tina
  14. Allyce Beasley As Aunt Beatrice
  15. Brian Doyle-Murray As Cousin Edgar
  16. Estelle Getty As Grandma Estelle
  17. Harold Gould As Grandpa Spencer


  1. DIRECTOR – Rob Minkoff
  2. ADD. DIRECTING – John Dykstra
  3. PRODUCER – Douglas Wick
  4. EXEC. PRODUCERS – Steve Waterman Jeff Franklin Jason Clark
  5. WRITERS – M. Night Shyamalan Greg Brooker
  7. CASTING – Debra Zane
  8. EDITORS – Tom Finan Julie Rogers
  9. CINEMATOGRAPHY – Guillermo Navarro
  10. ADD. PHOTOGRAPHY – Wally Pfister
  11. PRODUCTION DESIGN – Bill Brzeski
  12. ART DIRECTION – Philip Toolin
  13. SET DECORATION – Clay A. Griffith
  14. VISUAL EFFECTS – Jerome Chen Robin Griffin Bill Westenhofer Henry F. Anderson III
  15. COMPOSER – Alan Silvestri
  16. SOUND – Larry Mann
  17. COSTUME DESIGN – Joseph A. Porro
  18. MAKEUP – Mindy Hall
  19. HAIRSTYLING – Beth Miller Christina Raye


  1. STUDIOS – Franklin/Waterman Productions Columbia Pictures Global Medien KG Red Wagon Entertainment
  2. COUNTRIES – Germany USA
  3. LANGUAGE – English


Stuart Little is a film about a mouse named Stuart who lives in the city with his human family. Stuart is a small mouse who is attempting to find his place in the world. She is cared for by two brothers, George and Frederick, and a loving family. Stuart has a difficult time fitting in with his human family because they don’t understand his mouse’s needs and limitations. The Stuarts decide to get a new cat named Snowbell one day. Stuart is wary of the new addition to the family, fearing that Snowbell will injure him. Stuart tries to be friendly with Snowbell, but the dog does not seem to like him.

Stuart faces numerous challenges as a mouse in a human world. She is constantly underestimated and ignored, but she is determined to demonstrate that she is just as capable as anyone else. Stuart goes on a number of adventures, such as racing a toy boat in Central Park and flying model aeroplanes. Stuart meets a friendly bird named Margalo who is being pursued by a vicious dog named Falcon on one of his adventures. Stuart befriends Margalo and decides to assist her in evading Falcon.

Stuart discovers that he is more than just an ordinary bird as he assists Margalo. Stuart must face his fears and overcome numerous obstacles in order to protect his new friend and assist her in escaping Falcon. Stuart learns valuable lessons about courage, integrity, and the importance of being true to oneself throughout the film. She also realises that she can be accepted for who she is, no matter her size or difference. Stuart Little is a moving film about the importance of friendship and family. It’s a story about perseverance and determination, and how one small mouse can make a big difference in the world.

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