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Introduction of Computer

What is computer?

Computer is an electronic device, which take input from the user and process output according to the program. It also perform Arithmetic (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and so on) and Logic (Equal to, less than, greater than and so on) operation.

Computer word is derived from a word “compute” which means to calculate. So, in simple words you can say that computer is an electronic device which is used for fast calculation.

Input and Output Model of Computer:-

Data : Data is a raw material of information.

Information : Proper collection of the data is called information.

Computer takes input from the user Known as DATA. It process over data and gives us output known as INFORMATION.

–> Work Flow Of Computer Data:-


1) Arithmetic Process (Calculation related process)

2) Logical Process    (Comparison Related via AND, OR, NOT)

Control unit, arithmetic logic unit and memory are together called the central processing unit or CPU.

CU + ALU+ Memory  =  CPU

Some basic parts of a computer are:-

Input Unit − Such devices like keyboard and mouse that are used to input data and instructions over the computer are known as input unit.

Output Unit − Such devices like printer and visual display unit(VDU) are used to provide information to the user in desired format that they want are known as output unit.

Control Unit − It is used to controls all the functions of the computer. All devices or parts of computer interact (connect) through the control unit.

Eg :- Connecting the mouse with computer work due to the CU.

Arithmetic Logic Unit − It is known as the brain of the computer where all arithmetic operations (Calculations work) and logical operations (comparison related work) take place.

Memory − All the data and the instructions are stored in the memory. Memory is of two types – primary memory and secondary memory. Primary memory resides within the CPU (inbuilt or internal memory) whereas secondary memory is external memory we used like pen drive, Hard Disk etc.

            — Primary Memory :- The memory like RAM(Random Access Memory) and ROM(Read Only Memory) which we use as the internal memory.

            –Seconday Memory :- The memory which are used from the external like Pen Drive, Hard Disk, Compact Disk etc are known as Secondary Memory.

Hardware and Software:-

Computer devices like keyboard, mouse, printer etc. that we can see and touch are known as the hardware components of a computer. The set of instructions or programs that make the computer hardware works are known as software. We cannot see or touch software. Both hardware and software are necessary for working of a computer.

Characteristics (Benefit) of Computer:-

Speed − Typically, a computer can carry out 3-4 million instructions per second. Due to multiple instruction done in less than a second make it speedy.

Accuracy (शुद्धता) − Computers exhibit a very high degree of accuracy means provide the correct answer. If you find any errors that may occur are usually due to inaccurate data, wrong instructions or bug in chips – all human errors.

No Feeling – Computer does not have emotions, knowledge, experience, feeling.

Reliability (भरोसेमंद ) − Computers can carry out same type of work repeatedly without throwing up errors due to tiredness or boredom, which are very common among humans.

Diligence : Computer can work for hours without any break and creating error.

Versatility (बहुमुखी प्रतिभा) − Computers can do multiple types of work from data entry and ticket booking to complex mathematical calculations and continuous astronomical observations. If you will input the necessary data with correct instructions, computer will do the processing.

Storage Capacity − Computers can store a very large amount of data at a fraction of cost of traditional storage of files. Also, data is safe from normal wear and tear associated with paper. We can also easily find the file.

Advantages of Using Computer

  • It can do multiple task within a second. So it is called Multitasking.
  • It can solve any problem in very less time, so it has high speed.
  • We can store data in very less amount of money.
  • It protect our data from any type of attack from unauthorized users.
  • It will never get tired.

Disadvantages of Using Computer

  • Computer cannot work without our instruction. It will not be intelligent without us.
  • Some virus or unwanted attack can harm our computer than can be happen due to the illegal activity or via email.
  • It reduces the employment because it complete the multi people work alone.

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