What is ES?

  • It is essentially an internet search engine similar to google that is based on Lucene. It also functions as an analytics engine.It offers users with a distributed system. 
  • It lets us store data, analyze, and search for large amounts of data rapidly and in real-time. 
  • It is an engine that can search in full text. It is a full-text search engine. RDBMS or DBMS it isn’t possible to do a full-text search, but it is possible to do so in this. 
  • It also provides a procedure to it’s log files and the message file by storing them inside the database. 
  • The major distinction in elastich and RDBMS is that when we query RDBMS and it’s taking 10 seconds to produce the same result, elastic will be less than 10 milliseconds. 
  • Elasticsearch has been developed by JAVA. It is an open-source software that is covered by the terms and conditions of the Apache License.

What’s the purpose of ElasticSearch ?

  • We already know, in RDBMS any query will take 10 seconds for each output, whereas for the same query Elasticsearch will be less than 10 milliseconds. This is why there is a great demand for elasticsearch.
  • For instance: If we search for anything on the E-Commerce website and it’s taking a long time to locate the item, it will result in a bad user experience and the customer will not ever want to return for the same search. 
    However, this issue can be solved making use of the elasticsearch.
  • It’s easy to put into place. 
  • It can be useful in fuzzy searches (comeback with websites that are based on the search). 
  • It can be useful in autocomplete. If we type something, it will autocomplete that particular word. 
  • It can be useful in a quick search. It is very quick.

Know More – https://googlegyaan.com/category/devops/elastic-search/

ES Website:- https://www.elastic.co/